"The Big TIME" Success Road

The Big Time Success Road Transformational Model is for coaches and athletes of all sports. Learn about a whole new way to look at winning and peak performance through a model that creates a positive, caring culture and an environment to improve self-confidence, performance, and cultivate a joy for the game.

Coaches and athletes will learn that “The Big Time” is not a place or destination, but the state of your heart. At the end of the day it’s not the championships and awards you have won, the title in front of your name, the money you make, the car you drive, or the house you live in that really matters - the secret is doing what you love to do, with who you love to do it, where you love to do it.

Six months ago we began working with Scott Westering and Character Strong Athletics. Scott is self-less with his time and has met with multiple groups of coaches, community members and athletes. The buy-in has been amazing and Coach Westering’s energy is infectous. We are currently working to coordinate Scott’s third visit to our district. I highly recommend Character Strong Athletics and Scott Westering to any program who wants to stress positive relationships and high character.
— Rob Bonner , Crook County High School , Assistant Principal & Athletic Director
We feel privileged to have Character Strong Athletics in our district for coaches and students. The core of Character Strong impacts the heart and performance of people in an incredibly positive way. It helps every person keep their eye on the goal – winning in the head and heart – more than just winning on the field. Character Strong Athletics inspires us to serve and encourage each other to be our best person and to view our athletic participation as more than physical development. We are focused on developing our whole person – and our whole culture – ultimately impacting our community and world in a powerful, positive way.
— Dr. Sara E. Johnson, Superintendent, Crook County School District

What is Covered in “The Big Time” Success Road Trainings?

Pre-Game Foundation is where it all starts. The two most powerful things we possess are ATTITUDE and our POWER OF CHOICE. They will be our guide as coaches and athletes take a look at the Four Attitude Games:

#1 - The Comparison Game:

  • Models of Winning - Red Car -"The Destination" vs Blue Car - "The Trip"

  • The EDGE 3 Sided Coin - Being the Best, Doing Your Best, and Giving it your Best Shot.

  • The Scoreboard - What Really is Winning?

  • 60/30/10 - Controlling the Things You Can Control

  • Potential Performance Gap - The Battle is You vs You

  • The Station - Enjoying the Trip

#2 - The Confidence Game:

  • Put Up Game - The Power of Words

  • Fear of Failure - Identifying Fear and Overcoming it are Keys to Success

  • Enthusiasm - It Creates Excitement, Energy, Extra Effort, which Results in Excellence

#3 - The Challenge Game:

  • Self Starter - The Most Important Part of Success is Getting Started

  • .333 Hitter - Taking Calculated Risks and The Difference of One Degree

  • 20/80 Rule - Focusing on What is Important

  • Tough Minded Optimist - Staying Positive Through Adversity and Life’s Challenges

  • Dealing with Mistakes - FLUSH IT - Admit it, Learn from it, Affirm it, and Move On

#4 - The Caring Game:

  • Servant Warrior - Are You Strong Enough to Serve

  • Window Room vs Mirror Room - Eyes on Yourself vs Eyes on Others

  • Double Win - How to Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Others.

  • The Secret Ingredient...

Each training ends with an After Glow, which ties all the key concepts together and creates a culture and environment that can be used to build your BIG TIME Success Road Journey.

Presentation Packages

Big Time Success Road:
The One Year Journey

  • Pre-Evaluation and meeting with Coaching Staff

  • Three Customized Team Presentations Throughout the Year

  • Includes In Depth Training on the Attitude Games & Follow Up:

    • Pre Game

    • Comparison Game

    • Confidence Game

    • Challenge Game

    • Caring Game

  • Three One-on-One Skype Sessions with Coach Scott

  • Post Evaluation with Big Time Success Road Report Card

  • Training also includes:

    • Customized Success Road Team Essentials

    • Double Win Goal Setting Program

    • After Glow Experience

*Limited to 10 teams per year*

Big Time Success Road:
Half Day Experience

  • Includes Overview Training on the Attitude Games:

    • Pre Game

    • Comparison Game

    • Confidence Game

    • Challenge Game

    • Caring Game

  • Training also includes:

    • After Glow Experience


Big Time Success Road:
The Full Day Adventure

  • Includes One Day, Comprehensive Training on the Attitude Games & Follow Up:

    • Pre Game

    • Comparison Game

    • Confidence Game

    • Challenge Game

    • Caring Game

  • Training also includes:

    • Customized Success Road Team Essentials

    • Double Win Goal Setting Program

    • After Glow Experience

Big Time Success Road:
The Snapshot

  • 60-90 Minute Customized Session with Coach Scott

  • Could include any of the following:

    • Team Training on any part of the Success Road Journey

    • Meeting with coaches and or student athletes

    • Practice Observation

    • Parent Training

    • Other...

*District Wide and Multi-Year Contracts Available Upon Request*


The Big Time Success Road:
Transformational Coaches Training

Experience the biggest lesson you can learn in coaching: "Make the Big Time where you are." You'll learn how to become "More Than CHAMPIONS" by learning to look at success through the Three Sided Coin, the Four C's, The Secret Ingredient, and many others. This Coaches Training will truly TRANSFORM and IMPACT your coaching philosophy and ultimately the lives of your student athletes.

Bring together your school’s coaches or coaches from across the district for this in-depth training that will give you the tools you need for an incredible year.

Make the Big Time Where You Are:
Organizational Keynote

The biggest lesson you can learn in life is to “Make The Big Time Where You Are.” Whether it be in athletics, business, or life, learn how to become More Than Champions by using the most powerful thing you possess...your Power of Choice. In this keynote, Coach Scott will address the following and tailor it to your organization:

  • The 3-Sided Coin

  • The Attitude Games (The 4 C’s)

  • The Secret Ingredient

  • The Adventure and Challenge of the Success Road and How to Live Life to Its Fullest

CharacterStrong Athletics
The Big Time Success Road Trainings

led by Coach Scott Westering

Scott Westering is the son of Hall of Fame Coach Frosty Westering. He had the privilege of coaching with and being mentored by his father for 23 years as an assistant at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington.  Scott has been the Head Coach at PLU the last 14 seasons, taking over the position from his father who retired after 32 years. Over the last 20+ years Scott has been a highly sought after speaker, having presented to hundreds of teams, coaches, and athletes. His talks have spanned corporations, conferences, and clinics - including USA Football and two Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony speeches. 


Scott joined the coaching staff in 1981 and became the offensive coordinator in his second year. During his 37 year coaching career, PLU has won three NAIA Division II and one NCAA Division III National Championships as well as finishing runner-up four other times in 18 postseason appearances. From 2011 – 2014 as the Head Coach, Scott’s teams posted a 32-8 record earning back to back National Playoffs berths in 2012 and again in 2013. He has coached 11 First-Team All-Americans, including the 1999 NCAA Division III Player of the Year, Chad Johnson, and the Most Valuable Player of the 1999 National Championship team, Anthony Hicks.
Out of high school, Scott was recruited by Alabama, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, the University of Washington, and many others before deciding to play football at UCLA as an outside linebacker in 1977. He played for one year before transferring to PLU where he was a 2-time First-Team All-Conference player. In his senior year, he was Captain and an All-American tight end on the 1980 NAIA National Championship Team. Scott signed as a free agent with the Buffalo Bills (1981) and San Francisco 49ers (1982) but had his career cut short due to injuries. He was inducted into the PLU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1998 and was named as one of the Top 50 Athletes in the history of Tacoma. Scott earned is Bachelor’s degree in 1982 and his Master’s degree in 2002 -  both from PLU.
Scott and his wife Susan, are the parents of three children - daughters Jordan and Jessi, and son, Kellen. The Westerings live in Puyallup, WA.