CharacterStrong Advisory Curriculum


35 lessons per grade at the middle school level (6-8) and 25 lessons for each grade at the high school level (9-12). Vertically aligned for potential district-wide use. Designed to be a flexible 30 minute lesson plan, our curriculum is built for any teacher to be able to click-and-go with little-to-no prep needed.

A strong focus on character development and social-emotional skills with videos, activities, and more built in to an easy-to-use platform. This content is the most effective way to teach the Whole Child and transform your school culture & climate by promoting positive interactions and relationship skills.


Plug and Play

Every lesson is thoughtfully designed to be super accessible and user friendly. No extra prep time or work for teachers. Lesson plans that focus on social-emotional development, character building, and developing healthy relationships. Curriculum that helps educators get back to the core of great teaching - cultivating the connection with young people that research shows is critical to their academic and social success.

Videos, Downloads, & More

The curriculum uses activities, images, and videos for all kinds of learning styles. For many activities, there are videos of a CharacterStrong Team Member teaching the lesson so you can see it in action before you teach it yourself.


Digital and Analog

Every lesson is available in an interactive version online with embedded videos and extra resources. Download the lessons to do it the old pen-and-paper way!